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Fighting Fear and Panic during Pandemic

Updated: Mar 24, 2020


Many of us watch the news, some certainly do not. Many of us prefer to stay well informed and prepare for the worst, others like to be blissfully unaware, taking the stance of "it is what it is." However, when major health crisis hits it is increasingly more difficult to ignore the surrounding and drastically increasing fear and panic that is present- oh my- in most places on our planet. With stores getting empty and people breaking out masks and Clorox sprays everywhere you go, how can you stay CALM and usefully informed and protected?

STEP 1. DO NOT PANIC. Practice deep breathing now more than ever- count to 4 on your breath in, hold for 4, count to 8 on your breath out. Repeat often.

STEP 2. If you like to be fully informed, listen to various sources of information, do not stay glued to one channel or blog, etc. Compare and think critically- who is the author, what are their credentials, is what you are reading a fact or an anecdote, what is the tone of the material presented? Remember that panic, fear and anxiety provoking materials receive most attention and $$$ for the media parties.Please limit your exposure to twice a day.

STEP 3. Meditate! if you are a newbie, the app CALM is a great resource.

STEP 4. Buy reasonable amount of supplies, there will be enough for everyone.

STEP 5. If you are forced to miss work and your child is missing school- its an opportunity for quality time! Get busy playing and have fun! (its also OK if they watch a bit of TV while you are relaxing:)

STEP 6. Avoid constant discussions with family and friends. Yes, often talking about things calms the mind, however it is not the case during the pandemic. Unless your folks are incredibly calming to you- then by all means!

STEP 7. Eat well and get your zzzzzs. Do not stay up late "catching up on the latest developments."

STEP 8. Check in on your parents, older relatives, and friends. They have been through MORE in their lifetime. They could use your support AND will be able to support you with their wisdom and experience.

STEP 9. Adjust your travel plans if you must. You really have to trust yourself on this sometimes... Is it worth the risk? Where are you going? What are the possibilities to postpone/reschedule?

STEP 10. Finally... and most important. What are you instructed to do on the airplane during an emergency? to put your mask first, correct. So please take care of yourself and then you can be there for your family and loved ones.

Always with best wishes,

yours, Viktoryia.

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