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Nature Therapy

Yes, you can go outside and you should. Even now, as the strange disease with weirdly catchy name COVID-19 is spreading in our communities. Let's first discuss the conditions of "now." There are rules and guidelines to follow: practice social distancing (we hear this term so many times a day!), stay about 6 feet away from others, do not touch your face and wash your hands frequently. Even the states currently enforcing stay at home policy allow for some movement, like walking your dog, getting groceries, meds and other livelihood necessities.

Nature has many stress-relieving properties,which continue to be investigated by multiple studies around the world. Whether we are taking a walk and breathing in some fresh air, bicycling, meditating on top of the mountain (or in your backyard), watching birds fly or waves crush into one another- we get the much needed energy boost and increase the strength of our immune system. This happens because we are lowering stress, anxiety, improve our sleep, appetite, and cognitive functioning. By stepping away from the flow of information, we free ourselves from overthinking, ruminating, solving future problems, preparing for the worst outcomes, etc. Your brain needs a break from socializing as well. Yes, we are wired for connection but the power of aloneness (do not confuse with loneliness) could give you opportunities to reach deep inside your heart and soul and get reacquainted with yourself. It is hard to find time to do that during a typical Western daily schedule..

Is it possible to make the best of every situation? Perhaps its easier said than done. It IS possible though to see a silver lining, to keep taking care of your body and mind, to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Literally! So next time you go outside, spend that time mindfully- NOTICE the smells, sounds,and colors that surround you, FEEL your breath coming in and out of your body, KNOW that you are a part of nature and not its master and LET GO. Read more on benefits of mindfulness in my blog.

Always Yours, V.

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