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Benefits of Mindfulness

Most of us heard of this term nowadays and its popularity is increasing fast. Sometimes when things hit mass culture they seems to lose their unique value and become more commercialized and overused. It seems to me that increased popularity of being MIINDFUL and practicing daily awareness and presence has brought nothing but benefit to anyone who ever tried. We have apps now to practice mindfulness in daily life and while some may criticize and ridicule the "western spin" on this ancient tradition, most are able to reap the many benefits of it.

The benefits of this increased state of awareness, paying attention to present moment, having your mind literally FULL of attention to HERE and NOW include:

reduction of stress, decreased anxiety and negative affect, improved sleep, decreased emotional reactivity, decreased rumination (feeling stuck in negative thinking),improved focus and concentration, increased cognitive coping (ability to navigate your thoughts in helpful ways), improved sleep and more. Some long-term benefits determined include improved relationship satisfaction and work performance, increased self-esteem, insight and empathy, increased compassion toward self and others, improved immune functioning (also related to decreased stress and improved sleep quality), increased tolerance to pain and more, all resulting in a perceived happier existence.

With so many benefits to think of, what is stopping you from starting your daily mindfulness practice? Here are some tips on how to overcome any real and perceived obstacles:

1. I don't have time. Mindful meditation practice can take ANY time in your day. It can start with literally 2 minutes of focusing on your breathing.

2. I don't need to be calm. Mindfulness is not about staying calm, but rather about increasing awareness of yourself in the present moment. What IS (NOW) vs What IF (FUTURE) vs What WAS (PAST).

3. What is my goal? Your goal is to simply be here and be aware of this moment.

4. When can I expect results? I need to get good at this! You do not need to expect results. It is difficult in our competitive culture, but the point here is the process for the sake of the process and not results.

5. I'm too distracted all the time. This is very normal, especially if you are just starting. Our mind is a thinking machine and our job is to learn to navigate it and not let it navigate us. Noticing your thoughts and acknowledging them vs feeding into them can help. ("I am having a thought about not being good at staying mindful".)

6. I don't feel motivated to be mindful or meditating today. You don't need to. Any mood or health status is "appropriate" to practice mindfulness in. The less inclined you are, the more beneficial it will be.

7. I don't know how to begin. There are many ways on practicing mindfulness in our daily lives. Breathing exercises, yoga, mindful meditation and gratitude practices are some ways to get you started.

Please feel free to contact me for a free guided meditation practice or more information and take care of yourself!

Yours, Viktoryia

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