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For You, Mom

Updated: May 12, 2020

A friend once wrote on Facebook: "A woman carries many titles but none as significant as Mother." I simply cannot think of a better way to put it, and how fitting it is that Mother's Day happens in May, which is a national Mental Health Awareness month. How are you doing, Mom? But more importantly, how are you feeling? I hope that you feel loved and appreciated,cared for and cherished, I hope that you feel supported and understood and that you get your alone time but do not feel lonely too often..

The real motherhood is glorious and it is messy. You are swept away by an array of emotions daily, you judge yourself harshly and expect perfection way too often... You get angry and afterwards feel guilty..You are infinitely patient and so tired. I have a message for you, mama- you are real, GOOD ENOUGH, beautiful and amazing. And every day of mother's life is Mother's Day, as long as mama is here for her children and after she is gone, her memory is here to stay...

If this is your first Mother's Day- hope it's unforgettable. If this is your first Mother's Day without your Mom- a big hug to you and may you find solace in the sweetest memories of her..If this is yet another Mother's Day that you wish you were a Mom, may your dreams come true... If you are LIKE a Mom to someone- thank you and your love is no different..If you lost a child- may you have strength to carry your pain and continue living..

Validate yourself, mama, even if there is noone out there who ever told you that you were doing a great job. Forgive yourself often, give yourself breaks, reach out for support, laugh, and take those deep breaths daily.

Happy Mother's Day!

With Love,


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